In an era of fastballs with pitchers throwing 160 kilometers per hour, Jeong Chan-heon of the Korea Baseball Organization’s Kiwoom, a late signing after nearly becoming a free agent this season, has exceeded expectations and led his team’s rebound.온라인카지노

Reporter Moon Young-kyu reported.


The Kia Socrates stares off into the distance at a slow curveball in the middle of the field.

He’s baffled by the 84 kilometers per hour, slow ball that can only be seen in social baseball.

[Broadcast commentary: “I thought Yoo Hee-kwan was back in the game.”]

The ball was so slow that the scoreboard didn’t even show a restraint.

It’s reminiscent of the original “aesthetic of slowness” Yoo Hee-kwan, who was known for his slow ball during his active career.

[Jung Chan-heon/Kim: “When I said that I was throwing like right-hander Yoo Hee-kwan, (Yoo) Hee-kwan said, ‘Even though you’re a big brother, your ball is faster than mine.’ It’s the same. There’s no difference.”]

The secret to his recent success has been to overwhelm hitters with a variety of pitches and velocities, even though the ball is slow.

He has six quality starts this season, as his velocity has settled down significantly to about one walk per nine innings.

Despite being the belly of the ball, Jeong spent the winter alone with no team calling him after declaring free agency last year.

He signed with Kiwoom just five days before the start of the season.

[Jung Chan-heon/Keum: “When they called me with a higher offer than I thought, I was puzzled at first, but I understood their intentions, so it motivated me to play a little more in the season…”]

Gone are the days of throwing hard-hitting fastballs after back surgery, but Jung has found a new way to survive and is taking to the mound with the attitude that there’s no tree he won’t climb ten times.

[Jung Chan-heon / Kiwoom: “I want to show (the fans) that I’m a pitcher who seems to be doing well or not doing well, but I’ve been doing well, and I’ve just survived.”]

KBS News’ Moon Young-kyu.

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