Cheonan City FC, which will debut on the professional stage through the K-League 2 in the 2023 season, confirmed the team uniform number on the 9th. As this is the season where everything is recorded as the first history of the club, we are looking forward to seeing what achievements the uniform numbers the players choose will be remembered by fans.

Veteran Kim Chang-soo스포츠토토, the mental support of the team as a playing coach, chose ‘No. 39’. Born in 1985, his Korean age in 2023 is 39 years old. Playing coach Kim Chang-soo, who has been in his 20th year as a pro, is preparing for this season with the determination that it will be the end of his career as a player. To him, who is looking at his last days as a professional player, ‘number 39’ means a year in which he must reap the ‘beauty of the end’.

Most of the players who were active in the K3 League as a member of the Cheonan City Football Team last year chose the same number as last season. It is now possible to see familiar players such as Lee Min-soo (No. 14), Yoon Yong-ho (No. 8), and Kim Hyun-joong (No. 16) this season.

Foreign midfielder Damir, who was nicknamed ‘Yuk-yuk’ in the past and wore number 66 in the K-League, chose ’10’ in Cheonan. Park Nam-yeol, Cheonan City FC coach, picked Damir as the key player who will pave the way for offense, and such expectations were expressed in Baebeon. The Brazilian duo, striker Mota (No. 9) and midfielder Hodouf (No. 7), also received numbers that reflected expectations.

Kim Joo-heon (No. 15), the center of defense, took over as captain this season. Having had a meal with manager Park Nam-yeol at the Changwon City Hall football team until last year, the fact that she was a player who could understand the intentions of manager Park better than anyone else was a big result. Along with Kim Joo-heon, experienced striker Kim Jong-min (No. 18) and solid defender Cha Oh-yeon (No. 6) will play central roles as vice-captains.

The Cheonan City FC team, which is boosting its performance in Jeju Island, plans to return to Cheonan after finishing the field training on the 20th. Then, on March 1 at 1:30 pm, we plan to prepare for the opening game of the 2023 K-League 2 against Busan I-Park, which will be held at Cheonan Sports Complex.

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