It’s not over with Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. Lionel Messi, N’Golo Kante, and even Son Heung-min. The ambitions of Saudi Arabia’s oil money know no bounds.먹튀검증

Soccer stars who dominate the world are heading to Saudi Arabia. At first, it seemed like just a rumor. However, the mood has changed since Ronaldo moved to Al Nasr at the end of last year and Benzema recently wore an Al Ittihad uniform. The possibility of going to Saudi Arabia for superstars who would knock on their knees just by mentioning their name, including another ‘celebrated god’ Lionel Messi, raised their heads.

World star Son Heung-min, whom Korea is proud of, was also included. Now, it seems unlikely that Son Heung-min, now in his early 30s, will leave Tottenham Hotspur, the team he is deeply attached to. However, since it is a rumor going to Saudi Arabia that continues to make ‘really?’

The reason superstars go to Saudi Arabia is simple. After all, it’s money. A pro speaks with skill and proves his worth with his money. It is the Saudi clubs that can bet many times more than Europe, which belongs to the world’s best leagues. There is criticism that the league performance is somewhat inferior, but the choice of professional players is ultimately their own.

The ‘Saudi rush’ phenomenon is unlikely to be temporary. The transfer of Ronaldo and Benzema, which was already considered unrealistic, has become a reality. The power of money to attract superstars is formidable. When the best players gather, the competitiveness of the league naturally increases. This is one of the things the Saudi league is aiming for.

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