If Harry Kane leaves Tottenham, the process is expected to be really tough.

Uli Hoenes, honorary chairman of Bayern Munich, said in an interview with Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ on the 22nd (Korean time) that it would be difficult for the club to recruit Kane. He said, “Kane is a great player, but the transfer fee is huge. I know that Manchester City prepared 140-50 million euros (about 1876-201 billion won) and was rejected. Munich paid that much. It’s hard to imagine being willing to do it or being able to pay for it.”

Chairman Hoenes is currently in an honorary position, so he is not in a position to directly intervene in the management of the club, but his remarks cannot be easily overlooked. This is because Munich showed their position that they wanted Kane from the transfer window last summer.

Last summer manager Julian Nagelsmann and Munich CEO Oliver Kahn told the media that “Kane is the best striker in the world”. There was also a time when Tottenham manager Antonio Conte got angry when the manager and CEO of a club directly mentioned Kane’s name. 온라인바카라

‘Sky Sports’ said in October, “According to our information, there was contact through an agent during the transfer window last summer. Given the slim chances of winning at Tottenham, Kane could have considered a transfer. Kane is obviously moving to Munich. I can imagine the transfer of the team,” he said, saying that there was already contact between Munich and Kane.

Currently, there are reports that Kane may leave the team through the coming summer transfer window, but Tottenham are still setting a high transfer fee. According to information flowing through local media, the amount Tottenham wants is about 114 million euros (approximately 152.8 billion won). As Chairman Hoenes said, it is too high for Munich to invest.

Munich has never invested more than 100 million euros (about 134 billion won) in a player. The club’s highest transfer fee is only 80 million euros (approximately 107.2 billion won) spent when Luca Hernandez was recruited. Even if Munich really tries to recruit Kane, it is questionable whether Kane will go out of the Premier League (EPL). Kane is a player who wants to break Alan Shearer’s all-time top scorer record in EPL. It is also not easy for a player in his 30s to suddenly challenge overseas.

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