Theo Walcott has revealed his will to extend his active duty.

He is a veteran winger from England. He’s 176cm tall and his physicality isn’t great, but he has top-notch speed in the league, which makes him influential on the side. His speed is strong enough to be directly mentioned by manager Pep Guardiola, and his penetrating movements aiming for space behind or between the opponent’s defense are excellent.안전놀이터

He grew up at Southampton and blossomed his prowess at Arsenal. In 2006, when he was only 18 years old, manager Arsene Wenger gave him many opportunities. He solidified his position to some extent from the 2007-08 season and consistently appeared in more than 30 games each season. Based on his potential and skills, he was also evaluated as the successor to ‘King’ Henry.

From the 2010–11 season he has established himself as a full starter. He appeared in 28 league games and scored 9 goals and 7 assists, and in the 2011-12 season he scored 8 goals and 11 assists in the league alone, emerging as an ‘ace’. The 2012–13 season was a career high. He achieved ’10 goals-10 assists’ in the league, which can be said to be a measure of world-class strikers, and in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), he scored only 5 goals and 3 assists in 2 games, and he did an amazing job.

So Walcott accompanied Arsenal for about 12 years. 108 goals and 80 assists in 397 games. It was a record worthy of being called a ‘legend’.

After that he left Arsenal. His destination was Everton. He showed his veteran side and led the team, recording 11 goals and 9 assists in 85 games over two and a half seasons.

Walcott entered the aging curve. Although he is old enough to look at his retirement, his challenges have not stopped. He went on loan to Southampton for the 2020-21 season and succeeded in a full transfer last year. Of course, there weren’t many opportunities. He was more of a substitute than a starter. He also played 23 matches this season, including the cup competition, but barely exceeded 1000 minutes.

Walcott will part ways with Southampton at the end of the season. His contract ends this coming summer, but he has agreed not to extend it. But it wasn’t his retirement. According to European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, he expressed his intention to extend his playing career, saying: “My goal is to continue my career as a player. I look forward to the next challenge.”

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