Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) is considered the top pick for the 2023 American League MVP even though the season ended about a month early. In addition, he drew praise for his greatness as he was expected to achieve an achievement that even pioneer Ichiro Suzuki (50) could not achieve.

American media Fox Sports analyst Ben Verlander posted on his SNS on the 17th (Korean time), “Ohtani’s 2023 is over, but it was one of the greatest and most impressive seasons in baseball history. Without a doubt, his second American League MVP award. “It will lead to this,” he praised.

Previously, the LA Angels officially announced that Ohtani would be out for the 2023 season. It was the result that everyone expected as Otani’s locker room was empty the day before (the 16th). Ohtani felt elbow pain after appearing as a starting pitcher in Game 1 of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on August 24, and was soon diagnosed with a torn medial collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow. Afterwards, an additional right side injury occurred during batting practice, and he did not appear on the field starting from the away game against the Oakland Athletics on the 4th.안전놀이터

Initially, a second elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery) seemed likely after 2018, but it has been reported that the exact type of surgery to be performed has not yet been decided. According to, the official Major League Baseball website, Ohtani is scheduled to undergo surgery for a UCL rupture as early as next week. His relationship with the LA Angels, with whom he had been with for six years, has virtually reached its conclusion.

Perry Minassian, general manager of the Los Angeles Angels, said, “Ohtani leaving the locker room in advance was not done with malicious intent. He is just preparing for the 2024 season now that the season is over. He is also planning to come to the final home game.” He added, “Ohtani will undergo surgery. “I don’t know if it’s Tommy John surgery or something else,” he explained.

This marks the end of Ohtani’s sixth season in the major leagues and the 2023 season ahead of free agency. As a batter, he had a batting average of 0.304 in 135 games, 44 home runs, 95 RBIs, 102 runs, 20 stolen bases, an on-base percentage of 0.412, a slugging percentage of 0.654, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.066. As a pitcher, he recorded 10 wins and 5 losses in 23 games, an ERA of 3.14, and 167 strikeouts in 132 innings. Just looking at WAR (contribution to victory compared to replacement players), he showed the dignity of exceeding 10 even though he was a designated hitter with 6 as a hitter and 4 as a pitcher based on the American baseball statistics site ‘Baseball Reference’.

Since the season ended a month early, he is gradually being surpassed in cumulative performance, which showed an overwhelming difference, but he is expected to retain the American League home run title. Currently, the players following Ohtani with 44 home runs are Luis Robert (Chicago White Sox) with 35 home runs, Adolis Garcia (Texas Rangers) with 34 home runs, Rafael Devers (Boston Red Sox) with 32 home runs, and Aaron Judge (New York Yankees). am.

However, it is nearly impossible for them to catch up with Ohtani’s home run record during the remaining period. The closest player, Robert, is suffering from a batting slump with a batting average of 0.232 and only 1 home run in the last 15 games, so it is not easy to hit 9 in the remaining 14 games. Garcia, ranked 3rd, was on the injured list due to a knee injury on the 9th, and even if he returns on the 19th, 11 home runs in 13 games is not easy. Last year’s home run king Judge, who is good at hitting hard, also fell into a slump with a batting average of 0.196 and 2 home runs in the last 15 games, making it difficult to expect 13 home runs in the remaining period.

If he retains the top spot in home runs, Ohtani will make new history in the major leagues as the first Japanese or Asian home run champion. It is the first record that neither Ichiro, who was not a home run hitter, nor ‘Godzilla’ Hideki Matsui (49) has ever achieved.

As such, although he has not been able to play regular innings as a pitcher, his batting performance alone ranks first in home runs, tied for first in triples, and first in walks in the American League. As of the end of the game on the 17th, Ohtani is predicted to win his second MVP award. This constitutes the majority. statistics expert Sarah Langs said on her social media, “Mike Trout’s 2019 season is the only time in Major League history to win MVP despite missing more than the last 10 games of the season,” and “Ohtani did not appear in the last 25 games of the LA Angels.” “But it still looks like he will win MVP. This is proof that Ohtani had an incredible season,” he said.

Not only Verlander and Reims, but also said, “Ohtani is expected to win his second American MVP award,” and added, “Whether or not he undergoes Tommy John surgery, there is a good chance he will not throw a ball in 2024. However, he is expected to win both the two and the other. “He has excellent skills and will still sign a record-breaking free agent contract,” he said, giving a bright outlook.

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