Emerging Technology in Surgery

Emerging Technology in Surgery

Emerging technologies are conquering the major fields of science and technology. The emerging technologies are those which are introduced a few years back and are being developed each day and night. The researches on those are being executed with keen and sharp concentration. The recent advents in the fields are all due to the wide acceptance of those technologies. The paper on Emerging Technologies put forward here analyses the technologies of Robotics in Surgery and Mobile WiMAX. The surgical sector has seen better development with the innovation of Robotics in it. The physical absence of the surgeons taking part in surgery has helped in making use of the efficiency of doctors who are, at the same, time thousands of kilometers apart and away from the site of operation. Similarly, WiMAX is a new trend seen in mobile technological development. Mobile communication which has turned out to be the most accepted mode of communication is being developed each and every second. The users of mobiles opt for the facility of internet communication as well along with the telecommunication provided. The WiMAX facilitated mobile handsets are recognized extensively and even the cost and speed constraints are much modified for the best results. Emerging Technology in Surgery



The background of the work is spread over the emerging technologies prevailing in the contemporary field of science and technology. The emerging technologies of Robotics in surgery and Mobile WiMAX are having considerable significance due to their wide acceptance. The paper is organized with a hierarchical approach on various aspects and trends of the two technologies one by one. Each technology is described and the business cum societal inclination on it is identified briefly. The work as a whole helps in routing out the influence of the named technologies in the expanded areas other than the sectors of their actual applications. Emerging Technology in Surgery

Robotics in surgery

Robotics is a prominent donation of engineering to the development of science and technology. Robotics in Surgery is the newer trend in the field of medicine. The acceptance of this advent is on the account of its success in the field and the least redundancy identified. “Robotic technology is enhancing surgery through improved precision, stability, and dexterity. In image-guided procedures, robots use magnetic resonance and computed tomography image data to guide instruments to the treatment site.” (Howe & Matsuoka 1999, p.211).

The various advantages of the technology have kept it in its current position in the field.

The introduction of robots in surgery was done in the year 1986. The number of companies dedicated to it is very less but the researches for development is carried out effectively. The robots are used in the field of medicine for surgical as well as non-surgical purposes. The surgical robots are divided into two categories: Telemanipulators and Image-Guided Surgery Robots. Emerging Technology in Surgery


The telemanipulators are used in minimally invasive surgery. The minimally invasive surgery incorporates a design of “an integrated teleoperation and telepresence system for planning, training and performing different minimally invasive surgical procedures.” (Rininsland 1999). Emerging Technology in Surgery