East Los Angeles Risk of Fall Essay

 East Los Angeles Risk of Fall Essay

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Use the document attached (Fall Risk and Cognition Assessments Case Study) and the Hendrich II Fall Risk Assessment,  the Mini-Cog screening (see Borson, n.d.) and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI; see Buysse, Reynolds, Monk, Berman, & Kupfer, 1989) as resources to develop a comprehensive assessment for Mrs. L.’s risk of falling. East Los Angeles Risk of Fall Essay



Describe Mrs. L.’s risk for falls.

  • Create one goal for each category.


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  • Borson, S. (n.d.) Mini-Cog screening for cognitive impairment in older adults. Retrieved from https://mini-cog.com/

Buysse, D. J., Reynolds, C. F., Monk, T. H., Berman, S. R., & Kupfer, D. J. (1989). The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Retrieved from https://www.sleep.pitt.edu/instruments/ (Links to an external site.)  East Los Angeles Risk of Fall Essay