Coach Julian Nagelsmann, who had another love call rumor from Tottenham Hotspur, showed a positive attitude towards London this time.

Sky Sports, a British relay channel, reported on the 25th (Korean time), “After being fired from Bayern Munich, coach Nagelsmann is open to talks with Tottenham.”

Munich announced on its official website 먹튀검증on the 25th that it had sacked coach Nagelsmann. At the same time, Thomas Tuchel was appointed as the new Munich coach to replace Nagelsmann.

As manager Nagelsmann became independent, in-depth discussions began to take place within Tottenham. Current Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte is in an unstable position due to sluggish performance and controversy over interviews. The

contract period with coach Conte is short-lived, until June 30, but Tottenham is looking to qualify for the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League. The manager has been sacked and Nagelsmann is being considered. 

The media said, “Tottenham has investigated the successor coaches in the meantime because the future of coach Conte, whose contract expires in June, is uncertain.” “he said.

He added, “In a situation where Conte’s future is uncertain, Tottenham is showing interest in coach Nagelsmann. Coach Nagelsmann is a manager whom Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy respects.”

Nagelsmann was included in the list of successors when Tottenham sacked manager Mauricio Pochettino in 2019. He also sent a love call when Tottenham sacked manager Jose Mourinho in 2021 and was looking for a new manager, but headed to Munich.

Tottenham, who tried to take over the baton twice but failed in both, wants to challenge Nagelsmann once again.

On the other hand, there is positive news for Tottenham considering the senior manager Nagelsmann. It is known that coach Nagelsmann also has good feelings for Tottenham.

Coach Nagelsmann praised in an interview in 2019, “I watched the Tottenham game because coach Pochettino was there. He is a really good manager, and his team was really good from a spectator point of view.”

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