Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis

Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis

Dietary Management of Atherosclerosis
415 Nutrition Care Plan

Mr. F is a 54 y/o who is a CPA. Ht: 6’0” Wt: 235# He has been spending long hours at work, eating out frequently and not getting more than 5 hours of sleep per night. He also smokes 3 ppd. He has smoked for 30 yrs. Upon arrival at home one night he went to lift his garage door and noted an excruciating pain radiating up his left arm and shoulder. He also concurrently broke into a cold sweat and was SOB. He immediately went inside and sat down on the couch. His wife was asleep at the time and he did not bother to wake her Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis   He did discuss it with his wife the following day, assuming it was a muscle sprain. On his drive to work he experienced much the same s/o but this time a more intense episode, therefore, drove straight to the ER of the closest hospital. Upon explaining his s/o to the triage nurse he was whisked into a room and hooked up to an EKG which noted ST segment depression. He was currently having a MI. Streptokinase was administered immediately. He would have to undergo an angioplasty for further assessment.


2 points each

What is his % IBW based on the Hamwi equation?


What is his BMI?


Why was streptokinase administered?


Define the following (1 point each):




Balloon dilation:

Cardiac Cath:

Treadmill Stress Test: Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis




PUFA—omega 6

PUFA—-omega 3

What oil(s) is Omega 9 found in?


What does CABG stand for?


2 points each…………………….

His family history for heart disease is non-existent. With this in mind, what lab test should you recommend be ordered on him?

If the lab test above comes back elevated what (3) vitamins may be of benefit to this patient to help decrease this level? Give dose recommendations too.

His lipid results come back as follows:

TG 158; T chol 245; LDL 148; HDL 40
Other labs: CK 582; LDH 324; hs-CRP extremely high

(1 point each)
What is his goal for LDL?


What is his goal for HDL? Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis

Based on current lipid profile values what is pts. CHD risk ?

Why was his CK elevated?


Why was his LDH elevated?

What does the high hs-CRP predict?


Using the Harris Benedict equation calculate calorie needs and give range (2 points).



What goals would you set for wt redxn (2 points)?


How many calories would you recommend he take in qd to meet wt redxn goals (2 points)?


List the principles of a heart healthy diet for (2 points each):

Fat (total and SFA)





What effect on total cholesterol and LDL do the following oils have? Answer by choosing either increase or decrease




The dietitian went to visit Mr F to discuss his diet with him. His typical food intake was as follows: scrambled eggs, hash browns, 1 slice toast with margarine, juice, and coffee with sugar. At work his only snack is coffee with one sugar. For lunch, he eats a sandwich. This is usually a dressed hamburger with French fries and coffee with sugar. Sometimes a piece of cake and pie. At home, he has meat every evening (chicken, beef, pork or sometimes fish), potatoes, and usually boiled vegetable (carrots, green beans, cabbage, etc.). A salad is seldom is ever eaten. Sometimes dessert i.e.: pudding, ice cream or jello (something soft and sweet). Before bedtime cheese, crackers, ice cream or a sandwich of any meat leftover from dinner. He usually has a regular soft drink with his snack. (10_points). Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis

Please list the foods that are high in cholesterol, SFA and Na in Mr. F’s diet
Place an “x” is the box if the food is a high source. Don’t list amounts specifically
Food Cholesterol SFA Na
Eg: Bacon X X X

Write a PES statement based on the information you have gathered  Dietary Management Of Atherosclerosis