He heated up the major leagues with his quick feet as well as exciting doubles. Ha-seong Kim achieved double-digit steals for the second year in a row.

the 4th inning, trailing 0-1, Kim Ha-seong, who started as the lead batter, hit a fastball with a speed of 154 km/h.

Kim Ha-seong, who expressed his joy by dancing on the double that hit the left wall, succeeded in stealing the third base.메이저놀이터

The catcher threw the ball straight, but the daring slide was a little quicker.

It was his 4th consecutive steal and his 10th steal this season.

It’s the double-digit stolen base for the second year in a row, and considering it’s still less than halfway through the season, it’s expected to well exceed last season’s record of 12.

Changes in major league regulations also played a role in the ‘running baseball’ of Korean leaguers such as Kim Ha-seong and Bae Ji-hwan.

The size of the base has been increased by about 7cm this season to increase steal attempts and make games more exciting.

This change has provided an opportunity for players whose main strength is to show their true value.

Yesterday (1st), he was caught by a check ball after successfully stealing the base, and as if to shake off the regret of missing a chance he made with his own feet, Ha-seong Kim scored a valuable first goal and helped San Diego win by stepping home again in the 6th inning.

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