KIA coach Kim Jong-kook (50) was sent off for protesting about the three-footer. He protested after the video review. It seems that the hands need to be seen in some way.

KIA is playing the last game of the first half of the 2023 KBO regular season against Samsung at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 13th. They are currently trailing 0-3 in the fourth inning.카지노사이트

It happened in the top of the third inning. One out later, Kim Sun-yoon singled up the middle, and Koo Ja-rook followed with a fly ball to centre field. It was a hard hit, but KIA’s Socrates Brito made an exquisite diving catch.

Next up, Jose Pirela swung at a 4-pitch pitch on a 2-1 count and missed. Pirela sprinted to first base after the hit. Yang Hyeon-jong came down and caught the ball and threw to first.

Lee flied out to left field, out of the reach of first baseman Choi Won-joon. Second baseman Kim Sun-bin covers it and does not reach the outfield.

KIA has requested a video review. Pirela ran inside the foul line. This is a violation of the 3-foot line. In fact, Pirela ran inside the foul line, into fair territory.

KIA head coach Kim Jong-kook. Photo courtesy of the KIA Tigers

However, the video review ruled it safe. The umpire on the microphone explained, “The runner did run into fair territory, but the pitcher missed the first pitch, so it was safe.”

Coach Kim Jong-kook was furious and stormed off the field. If he appeals after the video review, he is automatically ejected. He stood his ground. He protested furiously, but there was no reversal. The umpire ordered Kim Jong-guk to leave the field.

Samsung’s chances at first and third base continued. At the plate, catcher Kim Tae-gun released a fastball that brought home Kim Sung-yoon, the third baseman. The score was 0-1.

Official Baseball Rule 5.09 (a)(8) states, “A runner is out if the umpire determines that the runner, while running the second half of the distance between home plate and first base, interfered with a fielder attempting to handle a ground ball by running to the outside (right) of the three-foot line or to the inside (left) of the foul line. However, running to the outside (right) of the three-foot line or to the inside (left) of the foul line to avoid a fielder handling a batted ball does not count.

6.01 (a)(10) states, ‘A runner interferes with a defence if, while a defence is in progress at first base, the umpire finds that the runner, while running the second half of the path between home plate and first base, runs outside the three-foot line, either inside or outside the foul line, in order to receive a ball thrown to first base or to interfere with a fielder handling a batted ball’.

Samsung Pirella. Photo courtesy of Samsung Lions

Firstly, Pirela did run into fair territory. The Video Review Centre determined that it was “clear that the pitcher’s delivery was deflected” rather than “the runner intended to interfere with the defence”. So it was ruled a save.

The problem is consistency. Kim Jong-kook experienced a similar situation in the Gwangju NC on 16 June. In the bottom of the fifth inning, trailing 9-10, Shin Bum-soo bunted with runners on first and second.

NC pitcher Ryu Jin-wook came down and caught the ball. He tried to throw to third base at first, but slipped once and couldn’t make the throw. He immediately turned and threw to first base. The ball hit Shin Beom-soo’s foot and rolled away, while the runner on second rounded third base and came home. Runner all safe.

NC requested a video review of the play, which was called 3 feet inside the line. The rookie did run slightly inside the line. The review showed he was out. All the runners had to go back to their positions, and the out count increased.

Coach Kim Jong-kook came out and protested loudly. “I was trying to throw to third base, but I threw to first base,” he said. The umpires explained, “Regardless of the process, if you interfere with the runner before he reaches first base, it’s defensive interference.”

About a month later, a similar incident occurred. Same location, Gwangju. This time, Pirela ran inside more clearly, but a safe was called. This is why coach Kim Jong-kook was furious. It was an unfair call.

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