“I don’t want to blame the player until the end of this season.”

Daegu FC will face off against Suwon FC in the 9th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 26th. Currently, Daegu is in 8th place with 9 points (2 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses), and Suwon FC is in 6th place with 11 points (3 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses).

Daegu 먹튀검증will challenge for the first consecutive win of the season. Daegu caught Daejeon at home on the 22nd and won the victory in 4 league games. Sejingya scored the first goal in the 18th minute of the first half, and Kim Jin-hyeok’s tenacious defense stopped the Daejeon attack and calmed the ‘promoted team storm’.

It was a more valuable 3 points in that it was a scoreless victory. Daegu lost 2 consecutive games by allowing 7 goals in two matches against Seoul (0-3) and against Gwangju (3-4), but it blocked the attack of Daejeon, the league’s top scorer, well. Now, he is determined to block even the revived Suwon FC attack and run a winning streak.

Coach Won-Kwon Choi, whom we met before the game, said, “Suwon FC’s offensive power has been top-notch for the past few years. There are many players with good decision-making skills, and even Bitgaram Yoon added. Recently, they have been scoring more than two goals. It is not something that one or two players can stop.” He opened his speech by saying, “I won the game against Daejeon without conceding a goal and came up. I prepared by watching the opponent’s good patterns and scoring scenes through videos with the players. It won’t be easy, but I will try my best to keep it scoreless.”

On this day, Kangsan Kim starts from the bench. Instead, Kim Jin-hyeok, Hong Jeong-woon, and Cho Jin-woo will be selected for the start. Coach Choi said, “Since winter training, we trained mainly with four people, including Kang San-i, but Kang San-i is still in the stage of adapting to our three-back. I believe that the three starters today are the strongest combination and solid players we can produce. “Also, they are experienced players who have dealt with Lars and Lee Seung-woo. They are the best. Obviously, Kang San-yi is a player who needs to be given a chance and nurtured, but there have been mistakes that have not been seen before. I thought it was right to go with the previous member.”

Coach Choi continued, “We have to catch them all. We haven’t played against Ulsan yet, but in fact, I don’t think there is any team that can’t beat the K-League this year. Also, Suwon FC is a team that has been ranked with us every year. It’s a game with 6 points. .The team has good scoring ability, but it is a team that concedes a lot of points. If we build a solid defense that we are good at, there will definitely be chances. Edgar, Sejingya, and (the late) Jaehyun are sharp, so they will score.”

He also revealed his concerns about new foreign players. Coach Choi said, “When Sejingya wasn’t there, I hoped to give Baselus or Serato a chance, but it was less than I thought. In fact, Edgar also suffered from poor condition. In fact, the overall player class is not quite high. Possession of the ball in the defense “It’s not a team that can do it. I don’t think it makes sense to put forward pressure on foreign players because the pressure has to be organized by all 11 players. We’re trying to play the best football we can do,” he said.

Hongcheol, who was suffering from an injury, sat on the bench this day as well after the last match in Daejeon. When asked about his physical condition, coach Choi said, “I continued to train. I tried to give him a chance to learn the sense of the game before Daejeon, but I couldn’t put it in because it was a very tight game. . He said he had no pain. Also, since he is a very experienced veteran, I believe in his words.”

Previously, coach Choi said bitterly to the Brazilian players, saying, “I am not doing my part.” He said, “As a manager, I never want to do such an interview. Until the end of this season, I never want to blame the players. I think an interpreter or a coach who is good at Brazilian language would have told me. I have talked a lot in the meantime, directly and indirectly, and fortunately the players are doing well. “I accept it and am training diligently. I will use all of these players. However, I think they saw the K-League easily at first. Now I feel that the K-League is never easy, and I am working hard. I am looking at it positively and will give it a chance.” .

Although Sejingya is already 34 years old, he is consistently making starts. When asked if he had any body care advice, Director Choi said, “The only thing I can do is buy a meal at a Brazilian restaurant.” He is a midfielder, but depending on the flow of the game, he is also instructed to come down to the midfield. If Baselus rises a little more, he can use Cesinya in a new form. I have to use Cesinya somehow to see the game.”

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