Culture in Nursing Practice

Culture in Nursing Practice

COURSE TITLE: Culture in Nursing Practice COURSE CREDITS: 3 credits

PREREQUISITES: See student handbook INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN



1. Text and Materials:


Andres, A.M. & Bolye, J.S. (2016). Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care (7th ed.). ISBN 978-1-4511-9397-8


Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.). 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5


2. Course Description:


Throughout the use of the nursing process, this course provides culturally competent health care skills, including assessing and identifying cultural practices, values and beliefs that affect the nursing practice. The student will be introduced to the components of cultural competence and how to apply it. Culture in Nursing Practice



3. Learning Outcomes:


· This course will enable the student to identify and apply components of the different cultures.

· The students will be able to determine the impact of culture on health care.

· Increase the student knowledge of the delivery of culturally competent care to individuals, families, groups, communities, and institutions (Ray, Marilyn, A., 2016).






4. Course Objectives:


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:


· Identify how the different cultures and behavior manifestations and

cultural diversity may affect health and illness.

· Focuses on multicultural nursing, different approaches and methodology for nursing care throughout the life span of the patient.

· Articulate the concepts that explain culture diversity and their relevance for nursing practice.

· Examine cultural issues and trends in nursing practice.

· Analyze selected population group cultural patterns and behavioral manifestations of cultural values.

· Evaluate the socioeconomic impact of the client’s cultural needs upon levels of care: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

· Articulate theory, research methods, and advanced multiculturally sensitive nursing practice concepts.

· Formulate a model of care integrating culturally sensitive assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation. Culture in Nursing Practice


4. Course Requirements:


· See University Catalogue


5. Library Assignments:


· [At least two planned per term]


6. Field Trips or Guest Speaker: [N/A]




7. Course Outline:


Date Module/Topic Assignment Quizzes



Theoretical Foundations of Transcultural Nursing  

Read Chapter 1

Discussion: Post and discuss




Introduction and week 1 DQ’s (due Sun at 11:59 pm)





Culturally Competent Nursing Care Read Chapter Assignment 2 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss






ussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 1 and week 2 *DQ’s Due Sun at 11:59 PM

Cultural presentation: See assignment tab




Cultural Competence in the Health History and Physical Examination  

Read Chapter 3 Read Discussion: Post and discuss

First Academic

Assignment due Culture in Nursing Practice


Test for week 2 and week 3 *DQ’s and due Sun at 11:59 PM

Cultural Calendar due at 11:59 PM







The Influence of Cultural and Health Belief Systems on Health Care Practices.  

Read Chapter 4 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 3 and week 4 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM







Transcultural Perspective in Childbearing Read Chapter 5 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss



Test for week 4 and week 5 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM





Transcultural Perspective in the Nursing Care for Children Read Chapter 6 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss



Test for week 5 due Sun at 11:59 PM





Transcultural Perspective in the Nursing Care of Adults. Read Chapter 7 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 6 and week 7 *DQ’s Due Sun at 11:59 PM








Transcultural Perspectives in the care of Older Adults.

Read Chapter 8 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss

Test for week 7 and week 8 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM




Creating Culturally Competent Health Care Organizations  

Read Chapter 9 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss


Midterm test and week 9 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM




Transcultural Perspectives in Mental Health Nursing  

Read Chapter 10

Discussions: Post and discuss Culture in Nursing Practice

Test for week 9 and week 10 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM

Course reflection

(See instructions in the assignment tab)




Culture, Family, and Community  

Read Chapter 11 Read Discussion: Post and discuss

Test for week 10 and week 11 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM

Cultural Assessment




Cultural Diversity in the Health Care Workforce Read Chapter 12 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 11 and week 12 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM





Religion, Culture, and Nursing  

Read Chapter 13 Read Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 12 and week 13 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM





Cultural Competence in Ethical Decision Making  

Read Chapter 14 Read

Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week 13 and week 14 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM





Nursing and Global Health Read Chapter 15 Read


Discussion: Post and discuss


Test for week14 and week 15 *DQ’s due Sun at 11:59 PM

Course reflection assignment due




Final Week Final Week Final test



* Initial DQ response due by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m., EST of pertaining week. Peer Replies due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m., EST.


All paper submitted must be in APA format according to the Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.).

2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5


This course will use a variety of learning experiences to attain the course objectives, including but not limited to lecture, online discussion, case study, assessment strategies, group and or individual exercises, team and individual presentation, and learning games. Culture in Nursing Practice




Discussion Question (DQ) Participation Guidelines


Students must Post a minimum of three times in each graded discussion. The three Posts in each individual discussion must be on separate days, the initial answer and two responses to peers.  The student must provide an initial answer to the graded discussion Posted by the course instructor, by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. EST, of each week. If the student does not provide an answer to each graded discussion topic (not a response to a student peer) before the Wednesday deadline, an automatic “0” will be issued for that week’s DQ. Subsequent Posts, including essential responses to peers, must occur by the Sunday deadline, 11:59 p.m. EST of each week.


*Credit for peer responses will be issued via the DQ rubric if peer responses are made without an initial DQ response


NOTE: To receive credit for a week’s discussion, students may begin Posting no earlier than the Sunday at 12:01 a.m. EST. Unless otherwise specified, access to most weeks begins on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. EST.Culture in Nursing Practice








Postings are graded together with the assignment and/or activity for that week. The total of the assignment or every discussion question is 10 points (7 points for the assignment and 2 points for the replies and 1 point for Turnitin (verification of originality). Your discussion questions assignment must include at least 700 words (excepts special assignments and not counting the first and references pages) with a minimum of 2 evidence-based references, excluding the class textbook and a non-reliable website such as Wikipedia.



All assignments will be graded using a rubric. Grammar is a vital part of the grading criteria for every assignment. As a BSN student close to graduation it is imperative that you present your assignments in an acceptable college level.


Students must submit their initial, weekly DQ Post in two separate areas.  First, the student will submit their initial response via that week’s assignment link provided under the assignments tab as a Microsoft Word document.  Once this is done, the student will then copy and paste their answer onto that week’s DQ thread under the Discussions tab.  Thereafter, all discussions and peer replies will be conducted via the DQ board.  Failure to submit your initial DQ response to BOTH the assignments tab and the DQ thread will result in a “0” for that week’s DQ. Culture in Nursing Practice

Note: All DQ submissions will be Sunitored for plagiarism.



I recommend you download the following app on your computer;


Grammarly is free and “makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake free”. Grammar/spelling will be part of the grading system.


Students are also required to know the expectations or “etiquette” that pertains to the discussion board. Students who abuse this forum by making harassing, inappropriate or abusive statements will be removed and receive a zero (0). Remember, your participation is essential to connecting with other students and developing an online learning community. Further, often it is the deciding factor between receiving a higher or lower grade at the end of the term.


Assignments: Specific assignments and their due dates are listed in this syllabus. Grading criteria are decided by the class instructor. You are accountable for both individual assignments and for providing a significant contribution to your learning team’s collaborative assignments. Your course grade includes scores from both your individual and group assignments. You are also responsible for completing all assignments including readings, written papers, presentations, and class discussions. You will be graded on the achievement of the objectives, not on the effort you put into your assignments. All online discussions, written assignments and documentation of others’ ideas and words in presentations must be in APA 6th edition format with at least 2 evidence-based practice references no older than 5 years. Textbook and websites can be used but will not be counted as a reference for grading purposes. The assignments must be presented in an Arial 12 font. Culture in Nursing Practice