It is pointed out that some Ulsan players made racially discriminatory remarks, and public opinion is demanding an apology.메이저놀이터

The racial discrimination controversy arose over Ulsan vice-captain Lee Myeong-jae. In the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 18 home game held at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 10th, Ulsan won a great victory over Jeju 5-1, and Ulsan players and staff praised Lee Myung-jae and racist remarks came out.

Teammate Lee Kyu-seong said of Lee Myung-jae, “The Southeast Asian quarter is strong,” and when Ulsan captain Jeong Seung-hyun praised him, saying, “It’s amazing,” Lee Myung-jae said, “It’s because of you. Asian Quarter,” he replied.

It is speculated that Lee Myung-jae, who usually has dark skin, made a statement to the effect that he was like a ‘Southeast Asian’, and Lee Myung-jae responded in the same vein by mentioning the ‘Asian quota system’ to Jung Seung-hyun, who has a similar skin color.

Teammate Park Yong-woo even mentioned the name of Sasalak Hyprakorn from Thailand, who played an active part in Jeonbuk in 2021, saying, “The sasalak form is crazy” toward Lee Myung-jae.

Another Ulsan staff also continued to make racist remarks by mentioning Sasalak’s name again, saying, “Sassalak Super Tackle.”

The reaction of soccer fans right now is cold. It is pointed out that racist remarks even mentioning Sasarak’s real name are inappropriate, such as “Isn’t it crazy to mention Sasarak’s real name?”

Direct criticism was also directed at the Instagram accounts of Lee Myung-jae and other players and staff involved in this controversy.

On Lee Myung-jae’s personal Instagram, he wrote, “Before exercising, you must first learn Ilsung. He said, “Would you feel good if you were treated the same when you went abroad?” “I am a fan of Ulsan for 6 years, but I am so disappointed. Criticism is pouring in, such as “I would rather have made an official apology than destroying evidence and erasing traces.”

As the controversy accelerated, Lee Myung-jae and other players deleted the comment. Some netizens criticized it, saying that critical comments were also deleted without any apology. There is a sarcastic saying, “As expected, defenders can block comment windows at the level of defense with a bar.” As a result, some players turned their Instagram accounts private.

As the racial discrimination controversy spreads to some online communities and social network services (SNS), the controversy is expected to accelerate.

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