Continuous Quality Improvement CQI In Healthcare

Continuous Quality Improvement CQI In Healthcare

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Continuous quality improvement (CQI) in healthcare is important to help identify problems and to develop new processes. Part of a CQI is to implement. Monitor and study nursing processes to ensure safe, efficient, and effective patient care. According to the center for disease control and prevention (CDC), catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) account for more than 30% of healthcare associated infections (CDC, 2010). CAUTI’s are responsible for an increase in mortality rates, morbidity, high hospital costs and longer hospital stays. CAUTI’s can be easily prevented when nurses follow improved guidelines established by CQI (CDC, 2010). Continuous Quality Improvement CQI In Healthcare



In my current position, our CQI team implemented the reliable care blueprint requiring all Foley catheter insertions to be monitored by two nurses. Two nurses are required to review the patient’s chart and provide a reason why the patient needs a catheter insertion. If alternative measures are appropriate and available, they must provide a reason why or why not. All catheters must have a physician’s orders and reviewed every 24 hours for necessity. Two nurses are required to be present during the insertion. Latex allergies are assessed, all supplies are gathered and inspected, one nurse inserted the Foley while the second nurse observes for a break in sterility. Once the Foley is inserted, the observing nurse chart the insertion. This method has saved the organization thousand of dollars and it has ensured that charting is completed and correct. Continuous Quality Improvement CQI In Healthcare

My facility has also opened an OB-Emergency department, which was apart of the go live team. In the last 18 months I have seen and witnessed procedures, monitored those procedures and presented how those daily operating procedures are done for CQI’s. I have kept a record of all the new nurses who have worked in this area. During this time, we have met and discussed needs for improvements and errors. This gives nurses a chance to discuss safety hazards so that we can implement changes. CQI teams are a reliable method when used in any organization and it improves the care of patients. Continuous Quality Improvement CQI In Healthcare