The left-hander, who was nominated as a reward player in anticipation of starting or playing an active part in the middle as an immediate sense of power, finished the season early. Kim Yoo-young (29), whom LG nominated as Yoo Kang-nam’s compensation player last winter, was diagnosed with elbow surgery and was out for the season.

I had a lot of worries at the time of nomination, and I had expectations after nomination. LG is in deep trouble over the compensation player for Yoo Kang-nam’s free agent (FA) Lotte transfer. After thinking about the immediate power and future prospects, he chose Kim Yoo-young considering the 2023 season’s performance.

Kim Yoo-young,메이저놀이터 who was nominated for the first time by Lotte in 2014, played in 68 games, the most since joining last year. At the beginning of the season, he expanded his territory by playing as a winning team in Lotte, which lacked left-handed pitchers in the bullpen, and raised 8 holds only in April. LG chose Kim Yoo-young, noting that he sometimes played more than one inning. And at the Arizona spring camp in the United States, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop put Kim Yoo-young in the starting pitcher list.

LG left pitcher Kim Yoo-young. offer | LG Twins

However, there were no significant results after that. He started during the exhibition game and gave up 7 runs (5 earned) on 6 hits in 1.1 innings. After that, he appeared in two more exhibition games as a middle pitcher and was subsequently excluded from the opening entry. He played a total of 4 games in the Futures League, giving up 10 runs in 6 innings before being diagnosed with elbow surgery. His latest Futures League appearance was against the Goyang Heroes on May 31.

On the 16th, LG general manager Cha Myeong-seok reported Kim Yoo-young’s season-out, saying, “Kim Yoo-young is getting elbow surgery.” Right pitcher Yun Ho-sol, who was selected as a compensation player for Chae Eun-seong, who transferred to Hanwha, has not been able to play since he appeared in the Futures League on the 21st of last month, but plans to return to action soon.

Objectively, it was difficult to set high expectations as a starting pitcher. Since his start as a professional was also only one game, he could not even be classified as a starting resource. Although LG is still conducting auditions for native starters, it is difficult to guarantee that Yu-Young Kim will get a spot.

What he lacks is the selection of compensation players. At the time, in addition to Kim Yoo-young, LG was thinking about sidearm pitcher Lee Kang-joon, a future resource. Sangmu’s enlistment was confirmed, but Lee Kang-joon’s potential for throwing a ball in the mid-140 km range was highly evaluated. In the end, Lee Kang-jun became Kiwoom’s compensation player as Lotte signed a free agent contract with Han Hyun-hee after recruiting Yoo Kang-nam.

Compensation players do not have a high success rate. Still, he does occasionally step up as a key player on the team. Moon Dong-hwan and Lee Won-seok transferred as compensation players and became a legend. In the past, LG also nominated right-handed pitcher Lim Jeong-woo and left-handed pitcher Yoon Ji-woong as compensation players, and the two have been active as key pitchers in the bullpen.

Last winter, left-handed pitcher Kim Yoo-young and right-handed pitcher Yun Ho-sol, who were classified as special at the time of the rookie draft, were nominated side by side, but so far there has been no significant effect.

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