Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who took revenge for the defeat against Pohang Steelers two months ago, won the match wearing the yellow shirt that symbolizes Gwangju FC. However, he did not put meaning into his fashion.

Gwangju won 4-2 in the 16th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 home game against Pohang at 7:30 pm on the 3rd at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium, and sprinted for 3 consecutive wins, including the FA Cup. With their first win at home against Pohang, they overcame the weak jinx against Pohang. The 0-2 loss suffered in the away game on April 8 was also avenged.먹튀검증

Manager Lee Jeong-hyo said, “It seems like we showed a good game to the home fans after a long time. I want to praise him for raising the aspect of the director.”

He is attracting attention with his fashion every match. He recently wore orange glasses, but this time against Pohang, he took off his glasses and wore a yellow shirt. With this victory, director Lee Jung-hyo’s fashion received more attention.

Director Lee Jung-hyo said, “There is no need to continue the jinx. The last game’s suit was drastically changed. I believe in the players who train,” he shook his head.

  • How do you feel about winning against Pohang?
    It’s been a long time since I’ve shown a good game to the home fans. I want to commend you for raising the aspect of the director. I think I should present it to head coach Lee Jeong-gyu. A goal is scored from a set piece. Had great options. I want to give you a small gift. If you give me a big one from the beginning, my belly button will grow bigger than my belly, so I’ll give you a small one. If I play soccer like today, I feel good because the citizens of Gwangju will become fans.
  • Defender Ahn Young-gyu is scoring goals well.
    Since last year, he has been making a big impact since he took over as captain. He is an indispensable player. He is an athlete who does not have much time to exercise. want to be with me It was a lot of kick in Pohang and expedition. From Ahn Young-gyu to Thomas and Park Han-bin, it seems that they did a good job.

-Are you satisfied with your performance and results?
6 wins now. I think it’s just the beginning. I will focus well from the match against Suwon next Wednesday.

-Wearing a yellow shirt and getting attention?
There is no need to continue the jinx. Last game’s suit was changed drastically. I believe in the athletes who train.

-If you could praise Doo Hyun-seok for recording 1 goal and 1 help?
got scolded a lot I have to compliment you today. You can’t be complacent about this game.

  • After conceding a goal to Lee Ho-jae, it seems that there must have been anxiety about the come-from-behind defeat two years ago
    . He would have liked to have handled it better. This is the first come-from-behind win this year. Losing the game turned around. lost after that. He scored one more goal and escaped the chase. This experience will lead to great confidence.

-Compared to director Kim Ki-dong,
it was far from catching up with director Kim Ki-dong. Pohang has good organizational skills. There are many players who run a lot on the field and are dedicated. Director Kim Ki-dong made a good team. It’s not comparing me.

  • Did Um Ji-seong taste the score?
    I think Um Ji-sung will come back to life and help the team a lot.

-What was the performance of goalkeeper Lee Joon, who replaced Kim Kyung-min?
I think Lee Joon is in the worst mood among the 18-man entry. I think I felt that I had a hard time winning the game because of myself. This is a good thing. Rebuke is the desire to improve rather than fall for mistakes yourself. Looking forward to the next game.

  • You emphasized tough football?
    When interviewing, the director does not intend to listen to good words, including the media. He tells his players he wants them to be messy like me.

-Do you think it’s on the rise?
I don’t think it’s an uptrend. I’m going to prepare well and take it as it is without losing my mind today. I hope you rest well and show me in the next game.

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