It seems that Real Madrid has decided to make a huge investment looking at the next 10 years.

Real Madrid is a place메이저사이트 where only the best players gather, but it is poised to hand over the Spanish Primera Liga championship this season to FC Barcelona. They even lost second place to local rivals Atlético Madrid in a 0-2 defeat to Real Sociedad in round 33. In the remaining 5 games, we have to defend even 2nd place through an all-out war.

In the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinal against Barcelona, ​​they lost 0-1, but won 4-0 in the second leg. However, in the league, despite winning 3-1 in their first encounter, they lost 1-2 in their next encounter, failing to catch up.

The player base is by no means bad compared to Barcelona, ​​but the mainstream response is that the leadership of coach Carlo Ancelotti is somewhat disappointing. Except for Karim Benzema, most of the attackers are in their early or late 20s. The main defensive players are in their early 30s or late 20s.

In the end, the emphasis is placed on the midfielder, the link between the air and the defense. Luka Modric, the nucleus of nuclei, is 38 years old in Korean age. Toni Kroos is also heading towards her mid-thirties. Modric recently left the team due to a hamstring injury and missed the matches against Almeria and Sociedad.

Modric left Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2012 and came to Real, where he played 11 seasons. Last year, Croatia’s ground dominance is still strong enough to have a powerful influence on Qatar’s third place in the World Cup.

Still, it is a real thing to look to the future. Major media outlets, including the British popular magazine ‘Daily Mail’, reported the news of the transfer and analyzed that the fierce recruitment battle over Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund), the future of the England national team, was being sorted out to some extent.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Bayern Munich were all mentioned for Bellingham.

However, the media said, ‘Real have observed Bellingham from the beginning of the season. From the perspective of Real, there were concerns about choosing to go to Man City, which is rich in funds. So I knew that persuading the players was the priority, and I was heading towards the process of making the courtship a success. The good relationship between Real and Dortmund is also a good thing,” he said, predicting that Bellingham would succeed Modric.

Modric’s contract expires in June. So far, there has been no news of contract renewal. Rumors are circulating that he is going to Saudi Arabia. Conversely, cross is expected to renew the contract, but whether or not to use it as a starting point is in the fog.

Bellingham of ‘Terms and Conditions’ showed leadership by wearing the captain’s armband in Dortmund even at a young age. The media analyzed, ‘If Real Madrid replaces Modric with Bellingham, he will show top-class skills in Spain and Europe for at least 10 years’.

Interestingly, Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo, Federico Valverde, Chuameni and Eduardo Camavinga are all heading towards their early or mid-20s. The addition of Bellingham would be icing on the cake. Real said they had already met Bellingham’s father.

Dortmund and Bellingham have a contract until the summer of 2025. Although it is not impossible to renew the contract, it is said that Bellingham has consistently expressed its intention to refuse. Then, Dortmund seems to have raised the ransom to a whopping 140 million pounds (about 233.1 billion won). In the war of money, only teams that can bet are to come to the market.

Liverpool, which had to pursue financial stability with a huge transfer fee, said it had taken a step back. Even if a midfield reorganization is needed, Bellingham says it is too much for Bellingham. Arsenal turned their attention to Declan Rice (West Ham United), and Man Utd also seems to be turning to other resources such as Joao Palinha (Fulham FC).

The final recruit winner is still unknown, but we hope that the winner’s curse won’t happen. At least, an interesting summer is expected in that Bellingham has put Dortmund as a team fighting for first place with Bayern Munich this season. It has become important to see whether Real Madrid remains alone or whether a blitz bet is made.

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