Bae Ji-hwan (24) of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the American Professional Baseball Major League is aiming for a batting average of 30% and 30 stolen bases, the symbol of the Hota Jun tribe. Considering the recent good pace, it is not an impossible goal.스포츠토토

Bae Ji-hwan started as center fielder in the 2023 major league home game against the St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time) as center fielder. He went 4-for-2 with 2 RBI and 2 stolen bases, helping the team win 2-1.

On this day, he recorded multiple hits and raised his batting average to 0.274. He opened up the possibility of conquering the 300% batting average by entering the mid-to-late 200% batting average. He also recorded 2 homers, 14 RBIs and 17 stolen bases.

He has a good sense of hitting lately. He went 7-for-23 (0.304 batting average), 2 RBI, 1 run and 2 stolen bases in his last 7 games. He does better when he ranges out to his last 15 games. Bae Ji-hwan recorded a batting average of 0.354 with 17 hits in 48 at-bats. He had 3 RBIs, 9 runs scored, 2 walks and 3 stolen bases.

300 batting average is the standard for distinguishing good hitters. If you record a batting average of 30% or more and conquer the 30th base hill, there is no problem even if you call them Hota Jun. He is raising his batting average little by little, and the number of stolen bases is expected to exceed 30 if he does not suffer major ups and downs. Bae Ji-hwan is hitting and running more vigorously toward the goal of 30% + 30 stolen bases.

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