Assessment Activity – Week6

Assessment Activity – Week6


Aging Body Presentation – Assessment Activity – Week6 –



HCS/551 – eCampus This assignment will be recreated into a power point presentation. If the tutor could answer the bullet points with a few references. Analyze the statistical data related to the disease or syndrome occurrence worldwide. Describe symptoms of the disease or syndrome that lead to the diagnosis. Summarize the prognosis for the disease or syndrome. Analyze how this disease or syndrome affects a person’s functional abilities. Explain the physical and mental activities a person may do to minimize the adverse effects of the disease or syndrome. Analyze the government resources, policies, and financial resources available to a person affected with the disease or syndrome. Analyze the living options, business, products, and services that may be available to a patient with the disease or syndrome. Evaluate the programs and services that exist to support patients with this disease or syndrome. Analyze the recommendations that could be provided to a facility that will support a patient affected by this disease or syndrome. Assessment Activity – Week6