Interim coach Yuhan-jun (42), who led professional baseball kt wiz to its first championship, officially begins his coaching career as Futures batting coach.

The kt club announced the coaching staff for the 2023 season on the 24th. “Coach Yu Han-joon, Jeon Byung-doo, and Bao-yeol Bao have newly joined,” he said.

Coach Yuhan-Jun plans to focus on nurturing promising players as hitting coach for the Futures (2nd team). The kt 2nd team, which has already appointed coach Kim Ki-tae, has a clear color of big brother leadership.

Coach Yoo Yu-jun, who started his professional career at Hyundai Unicorns in 2004, went to Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) and settled for kt in 2015.

Since then, he has played an important role in winning the first integrated championship in the 2021 season.

Coach Yuhan-Jun announced his retirement after the 2021 Korean Series. Last year he served as an off-duty interim coach.

The center of this appointment is, of course, coach Yuhanjun. Coach Yoo was known as a ‘living textbook’ during his active career. He remains a senior who gave a big resonance to his juniors because he was thorough in managing his body to the extent that he even controlled carbonated drinks.

He’s not the type to nag a lot. He left many good lessons to his juniors through his actions, not his words.

This is why expectations are high for Coach Yuhan-Jun, who has transformed into a leader.

This is because he has the qualities of a leader who can support his players by moving first with actions rather than words.

Big brother leadership isn’t just sweet talk in the ear. Sometimes you have to say bitter words, but it is best if you can show the way by taking the initiative to move ahead of words.

This is what kt expects from new coach Yuhan-Jun.

Prior to this, kt appointed Kim Ki-tae, former LG and KIA coach, as the second team coach.

Second-team coach Kim is a symbol of ‘big brother leadership’.

He is a person who stands on the side of the players more than anyone else, gets things done and runs the team.

Team 2 coach Kim drew attention by instructing the players to bring lunch boxes while coaching LG 2 team. He wanted to make the players feel more comfortable on the baseball field, which is like a workplace. It was a measure to make people enjoy the baseball field by bringing gimbap and sharing it with each other.

Even when a problem arises, he is famous as a leader who always tries to solve it ahead of the players. He is a leader who is very popular with the players. 슬롯사이트

He speaks out loud, but if there are players in need, he is the first to reach out and solve them.

With the appointment of coach Yuhan-Jun, kt’s 2nd team operation direction can be summarized as ‘big brother leadership’.

They are second-team players who need a warmer gaze and touch than anyone else. KT formed the 2nd Army with leaders who could approach them more friendly and comfortably.

It remains to be seen whether kt’s big brother leadership can bring a new wind to the Futures team.

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