The Ansan Greeners FC under-12 (U12) team has completed 메이저놀이터 the composition of the coaching staff to lead the 2023 season.

Ansan Greeners announced on the 10th that “the U12 team will be joined by coach Cheon Je-hoon and coach Kim Young-dae.”   

Coach Cheon Je-hoon started his career as a midfielder at FC Seoul in 2006 and has experience playing for Gwangju Sangmu for two seasons since 2009. Afterwards, coach Cheon Je-hoon, who started his leadership career as a playing coach at Mokpo City Hall, joined Ansan Greeners FC U18 as head coach in 2020 and took charge of Ansan Greeners U10 and U12 coaches.

While working as Ansan Greeners U10 coach, he achieved good results such as winning the 3rd year division of ‘2022 Ansan City I LEUAGE’ and winning the 3rd year division of the ‘2022 Rainbow GREEN Cup Youth Soccer Tournament’, and helped the team to rise every year. From 2023, he took over as U12 coach and showed his ability as a leader by leading the 4th grade team to win the ‘2023 Rainbow RED Cup Youth Soccer Tournament’.

Coach Kim Young-dae, who will lead the team with coach Cheon Je-hoon, has been working as a head coach at FC Seoul FOS from 2018 to 2020 and has walked the path of a leader. Since 2020, he has been working as an Ansan Greeners FC U12 coach and contributed to the club’s best performance, runner-up in the 2022 Elementary League District 5 and advancing to the Wangjungwangjeon.

In addition, coach Kim Young-dae coached the Ansan Greeners FC (women’s) team participating in the newly established ‘K-League Queen Cup’ last season and achieved 3rd place in the competition, and this season’s Ansan Greeners community program, ‘Goal Hitting Green’ As a coach of the ‘Nurses’, he has been working hard to improve the fun and ability of growing players in soccer. 

Coach Cheon Je-hoon said, “I hope the U12 players will not get hurt and feel the joy of soccer. We will work hard so that many children of Ansan can gather and create good synergy so that they can achieve good grades in the league. We ask for your support.”

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