On April 11, 2021, in the match between Lotte and Kiwoom, coach Hong Won-ki Kiwoom was sent off. Because they protested the results of the video reading.

In the top토토사이트 of the 10th inning, Kiwoom Seo Geon-chang slid to 3rd base and took the base. It was a clear safe, but afterwards, Lotte third baseman Han Dong-hee lifted the right leg of Seo Gun-chang, who was taking the base in a tag action, with his arm. Seo Geon-chang’s leg fell off the base. The referee initially judged it safe, but as a result of the video review requested by Lotte, it was overturned as an out. In response, Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki protested and was ejected. At the time, coach Hong Won-ki insisted, “We judge that the process of Han Dong-hee lifting the glove is a separate play that came out after the first defensive action was over.”

About a month later, on May 30th, NC coach Lee Dong-wook was ejected from the NC-Lotte game. They also protested the results of the video review.

In the top of the 8th inning, Lee Jae-yul, the NC runner-up, stole second base, head-first sliding, and hit the base with his left hand, and the referee ruled it safe. However, this time, as a result of video review at Lotte’s request, it was overturned as an out. Lee Jae-yul’s hand fell during the tagging process after taking the base, because the runner’s hand fell off the base while Lotte second baseman Kim Min-soo pushed his arm while tagging again. Director Lee Dong-wook kicked out and protested at the overturn of the decision, and was also sent off.

The same thing happened again, this time as well.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) said on the 14th, “I ordered each umpire team and video reading center to strictly judge the act of intentionally interfering with the base touch during defense.” It is because of the controversial scene of the Daegu Samsung-LG match that took place the day before.

On this day, Samsung Kim Tae-gun dropped a big ball in front of the left fielder at the end of the 7th inning with no out on first base. First base runner Kim Ji-chan stepped on to third base, and Kim Tae-goon ran from first base to second base. He reached for the bases with a head-first sliding. When LG second baseman Jung Joo-hyun, who received a throw from left fielder Kim Hyun-soo, tagged, Kim Tae-goon’s hand was already on the base. However, during the tagging process, Kim Tae-goon’s hand fell off the base. was judged out.

The result of video reading at Samsung’s request was also out. However, if you look at the video, after Kim Tae-gun already points to the base, Jung Joo-hyun fails to tag and moves his glove in the opposite direction again to push Kim Tae-gun’s hand off the base. Joo-Hyun Jung also loses his balance and falls forward, but it is clear that Joo-Hyun Jeong’s movement pushed Kim Tae-Gun’s hand off the base. The scene is clearly visible on video, but the video review center kept it out of the centrifuge. It didn’t take long to read, as if there were no major concerns. The on-site referee declared an out according to the result received from the reading center.

In response, Samsung coach Park Jin-man came out to the ground and protested, and he was sent off according to the rule that if you protest the video review result, you will be ejected. Head coach Park Jin-man strongly stated that he had no regrets for protesting even before the game on the 14th. Then, the KBO announced that it had instructed the video review center to strictly judge the base touch sabotage.

Regarding the situation, the KBO said, “It was not possible to clearly determine Jung Joo-hyun’s intentionality, and accordingly, the lower court was maintained.” revealed In fact, it is no different from admitting that the judgment the day before was wrong.

The only difference is whether or not the centrifugal was overturned, but the runner shot the base first, but the infielder pushed it with a specific motion and fell, so it was out, and the manager protested and was ejected. Same as the previous two scenes.

Above all, even if the same situation happens again, it is not easy to make a clear decision according to the explanation of the KBO. This is because even if it was intentional, it cannot be clearly known unless the defender confides, so the referee or reading center must guess the intention. ‘Intentionality’, which the KBO put forward as a criterion for judgment, is the most ambiguous factor to accurately judge.

When defending, regardless of intention, inevitably contact the runner in the connecting action, and in the process, the runner’s hand or foot may come off the base. Occasionally situations arise that are not intentional. However, for the sake of fairness, the act of pushing at least with a tag action or a tag-like action in a situation where the runner has already reached the base should not be allowed.

The method to prevent collision between catcher and runner at home also went through several controversies and trials and errors. The act of pushing runners away with an infielder’s tag could be abused if allowed ‘on a case-by-case’ basis. This is also the reason why the criterion of ‘intentionality’ is ambiguous.

Even though the same scene came out consecutively as if it were set in a routine, the KBO passed quietly without any action two years ago. In order not to give birth to unfair runners, dismissed coaches, and unfair infielders, we need more certain standards and firm judgment than ‘deliberateness’.

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