Chung Mong-kyu (61), president of the Korea Football Association (KFA), went into hiding. It is truly a series of misfortunes.

Chairman Chung Mong-gyu made an official appearance only once after the controversy over the surprise pardon promoted by the KFA. It was a place to announce the statement that the pardon would be fully withdrawn just three days after the announcement of the surprise pardon on the 28th of last month. Even here, he did not take questions from reporters. He stopped short of announcing his unilateral position. It was ‘discomfort’.

As the controversy intensified, KFA’s vice-presidents and메이저놀이터 all members of the board of directors, excluding Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, took responsibility for the situation and resigned, an unprecedented situation in history. The next day, even the list of pardon recipients, which the KFA had thoroughly hidden, was made public through the political world. Among the 52 people who were covered by 48 match-fixing offenders, many were expelled and disciplined for financial corruption and violence. Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, who was left alone, was literally driven to the edge of a precipice.

The amnesty was promoted by giving reasons that were difficult to understand, such as the World Cup round of 16 and the harmony of the soccer world, and since it was in a hurry to thoroughly hide and cover the people subject to the amnesty, the suspicion surrounding the amnesty controversy grew one after another. There is only one way to reduce even a little the simmering football world anger and growing suspicion. It is not intended to end with the resignation of the vice-chairman and board members, but Chairman Chung, who proposed the right to amnesty, an ‘inherited authority’ according to KFA’s own rules, is directly stepping forward.

However, Chairman Chung went into hiding. As time passes, he just keeps silent, perhaps expecting it to naturally dull. Even inside the KFA, it is hard to detect the atmosphere that Chairman Chung will reveal his official position through a press conference. The process of appointing a new leadership, which is said to be focused on by Chairman Chung, is also important, but if a new personnel is made without properly dealing with the cause of their ‘disgraceful resignation’, another controversy will inevitably follow.

The fact that Chairman Chung, who is hiding, appears in public, is the starting point for ending the controversy over this pardon. It is not a matter of suddenly announcing Chairman Chung’s statement or new leadership in the form of a press release like the announcement of the amnesty. Transparent disclosure of the entire process, from who pushed for the amnesty that shook Korean football and why, to the entire process of the board of directors where the amnesty was decided, and Chairman Chung’s explanation are needed.

Thorough reflection and apology on the controversy over the amnesty must be preceded before the KFA’s ‘reform plan’ to be announced in the future can gain persuasive power. The true face of the KFA leadership, which would have been hidden during the amnesty process, must be disclosed so that doubts about the newly appointed vice-chairman and board members can be erased. In order not to give politicians room to intervene in the chaos, it is necessary for Chairman Chung Mong-gyu to take control of the situation and bow his head first. Isn’t this the last responsibility as the head of KFA who has been leading KFA for 10 years?

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