Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Summary of the First COVID 19 Response Bill
  • COVID 19 has hit the global community.
  • America has responded by enacting.
  • This Bill was enacted on March 6th, 2020.
  • Precisely, $ 8.3 billion was set for response (Olson et al, 2020).
  • Has improved COVID 19 service delivery.

Aim of the Bill

  • To reduce the unprecedented death rates.
  • To improve the health of nurses.
  • To promote the health of the citizens (Olson et al, 2020).
  • To provide the funds and resources required.
  • To curb the disease internationally. Families First Coronavirus Response Act



The Passing of the Bill into Law

  • The Bill was passed in both houses.
  • It was later ascended by the president into Act.
  • The president signed it on April 1st 2020 (Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress, 2020).
  • The passing of the bill made into law.
  • This law has had a number of impacts

The Impact of the Law

  • It has responded to the COVID 19 emergency
  • Located funds needed to fight the pandemic.
  • This money help in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Promoted the provision of insurance plans (Olson et al, 2020).
  • Reduced the risk of health care providers

Impact of the Law on my Personal Nursing Experiences

  • This improved the nurse’s overall confidentiality.
  • Stimulated the nurse’s security in service delivery (Olson et al, 2020).
  • Upheld relationship between nurses and government.
  • Promoted the morale and capacity of nurses.
  • Improve efficiency of service delivery.

Effect on COVID 19 Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Improved diagnosis of the disease.
  • Developed the contact tracing among the families.
  • Enhanced the delivery of the results and treatment.
  • Expanded Nurses’ overall confidentiality.
  • Improved quality of health on casualties. Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Impact on the Training, Research, and Development of Nurses

  • The law enhances research and development.
  • Resulted in better discoveries of the disease (Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress, 2020).
  • Created better methods of combating the pandemic.
  • Enhanced better forecasting approaches.
  • Resulted in better equipped nurses for fight.

How to Communicate the Nurses Concerns

  • Communication forms a vital part in institutions.
  • The minister, who, in turn, presents to parliamentarians.
  • The communication can be oral or written
  • The feedback should be accepted for improvement
  • These nurses should maintain the standards.

Impact of the Bill on Families

  • Improves the contact tracing among the families.
  • Reduces the risks of contracting the disease.
  • Enhances the diagnosis and treatment of pandemic (Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress, 2020).
  • Increases the government mechanisms of confidentiality.
  • Upgrading of the overall health among families.

Effect of the Bill on the Community

  • The establishment of Bill has a positive impact.
  • Has the power of contact tracing among members.
  • Increases discovery of the infected members (Olson et al, 2020).
  • Expands available resources to control the disease.

The Future of the Law on Health Sector

  • It will improve the funds required.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of the disease
  • The act will improve research on the pandemic.
  • The law will promote the discovery of vaccines.
  • The act will help to reduce the death rate.

Role of the American Nurses and the Society towards the Bill

  • All of them should embrace the bill.
  • They should accept actions towards the bill.
  • Support subsidiary bills that accept this law.
  • Nurses should maintain standards of service delivery.
  • The ideas will improve American health sector. Families First Coronavirus Response Act