Who will try to steal in front of this pitcher?

In order to prevent the opponent from stealing, the 메이저놀이터 catcher must make a quick and accurate throw, but more important is the pitcher’s quick motion. It is said that when the pitcher enters the pitching motion from the set position, the ball must go to the catcher within 1.30 seconds in order to be caught when the opponent tries to steal the base.

However, there is a pitcher whose quick motion takes less than one second. He is also a sidearm pitcher known for his large pitching motion. It is Park Myeong-geun, a high school graduate rookie of the LG Twins.

Park Myung-geun was famous for his quick motion from the time he joined the team. And this time he was in Arizona spring camp and he made sure he was quick-moving.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG said, “I measured it myself, but the fastball didn’t come out 1 second,” and said, “0.97, 0.98 seconds came out,” he himself was surprised. He continued, “Even the slowest curve is only 1.15 seconds”. That means quick motion is fast.

Here, LG’s main catcher is Park Dong-won. Last year, the stealing rate was 35.5%, which was at the top level. If Park Myung-geun, who has quick motion, throws, and Park Dong-won, who is good at throwing, is sitting as the catcher, stealing bases will not be easy. Director Yeom said, “There will be fewer base steal attempts than successful base steals. At this level, it’s not easy to try no matter how fast your feet are.”

Fast quick motion doesn’t just affect runners. Others also need time to adapt.

Manager Yeom said, “If you throw it so fast, even hitters can’t adapt.”

Park Myung-geun is currently running as a starting candidate. Even if he is eliminated from the selection, coach Yeom evaluates him as a player who can be used in the first team even if it is a middle pitcher. As the only rookie from LG, the opening 1st team is virtually certain. Only positions remain.

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