The challenger is the top dog!

Israel Adesanya (33, Nigeria/New Zealand), who changed his position from champion to challenger, took the top dog.

Middleweight Adesanya will face UFC 287 champion Alex Pereira (35, Brazil) in his first defense on April 9 (Korean time).

Recently, betting companies such as ‘ 토토사이트‘ predicted Adesanya’s victory by evaluating Adesanya as the top dog and Pereira as the underdog.

Although he is a challenger, gamblers evaluated him as having an edge over Ferreira.

Adesanya lost the championship belt to Pereira in the fifth round at UFC 281 last year.

He was billed as the strongest middleweight, but was defeated by Pereira’s fighting spirit and dedicated the belt in the sixth defense.

The reason why gamblers rated Adesanya as the top dog was that Adesanya had a perfect advantage until the 4th round in the defensive battle at the time.

In particular, in the first round, I was able to win by KO by driving Pereira to the groggy state, but in the last minute, the paper saved Pereira.

However, Pereira is also a formidable talent. He fought Adesanya twice during his kickboxing days and won both.

Although he was pushed back in the beginning at UFC 281, he pulled off a dramatic KO victory with his fighting spirit and grit.

A prediction is just a prediction. Now it’s time to open the lid.

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