Harry Winks (27) wants to return to Tottenham.

British media ‘Spurs Web’ cited a report by transfer market expert Paul Brown on the 17th (Korean time) and mentioned Winks’ transfer rumors.토토사이트

The media reported, “Winks has hopes of a comeback at Tottenham. He wants to prove to the next Tottenham manager that he is good enough to play for Tottenham.”

He added, “Winks was absent for the first half due to an ankle injury after moving on loan to Sampdoria in Serie A last summer.” .

“Despite his efforts, he could not prevent Sampdoria’s relegation,” it said. Sampdoria are relegated regardless of the rest of the season. I left Serie A after 11 years.

Winks included a permanent transfer option when he moved to Sampdoria on loan. However, as the club was relegated, they could not afford to sign Winks.

‘Spurs Webb’ commented, “It remains to be seen what Winks’ future will be. Tottenham can put it up for sale this summer.”

▲ Harry Winks is set to return to Tottenham after ending his loan.

▲ Harry Winks is set to return to Tottenham after ending his loan.

“Winks hasn’t been able to convince the managers that he deserves the starting job. He wants to come back and prove he can do it,” Brown said. “Because I’m with the players. I might be seeing his end at Tottenham.”

Winks, who came to the adult stage in 2014 from Tottenham youth, has grown greatly with the trust of coach Mauricio Pochettino.

However, from the 2020-21 season, the position was rapidly threatened, and this did not change much even after Antonio Conte took over. In the second half of the season, he did not have a good place to stand, keeping the bench in many games.

It wasn’t long before Conte’s plan was also excluded. He has an uncertain future, missing the pre-season tour roster along with Tanguy Ndombele, Sergio Reguilon and Giovanni Lo Celso.

In the end, he had to leave for Sampdoria on loan without joining Tottenham. He missed many matches due to injury. However, his influence in the game he played was decent. He is a starter in 17 of 18 Serie A matches.

Winks’ contract expires 12 months this summer. According to reports, Winks is receiving £50,000 a week (about 83 million won) from Tottenham. Tottenham seems to be recovering the transfer fee by letting Winks, who has less influence in the team, go.

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