Hanwha’s new foreign pitcher, Birch Smith (33), is setting an example for the team with thorough work ethic and self-management as expected.

Right-handed pitcher Smith is a fireballer whose weapon is a fast ball of 150km per hour that comes out of his 193cm tall body. While playing for the Seibu Lions of the Japanese professional baseball last year, there were concerns about his injury history, but Hanwha recruited Smith 11 years ago after completing a thorough medical check by performing an MRI test on the injured area.

At the Arizona camp in the United States, Smith is slowly meeting the club’s expectations. Team officials are nodding their heads in work ethic, self-management, and harmony with colleagues.

Smith, who joined the camp first on the 30th of last month (hereinafter Korean time), started self-training such as catch ball from the 31st, which was designated as a rest day to help Korean players adjust to jet lag and recover from fatigue카지노사이트 caused by moving.

The club was half relieved and half worried about Smith’s attitude. He felt relieved that he was a player with good work and knowledge, and he was worried that he might be motivated to show something because he is a foreign player. 

In fact, Hanwha general manager Sohn Hyuk tried to dissuade him by saying, “Never overdo it and go to camp according to the team plan.” However, Smith rather reassured the club, saying, “It’s a light exercise to follow the routine, so don’t worry. I understand your concerns, but preparing for the season according to my schedule is an important part.” 

Smith said, “The most important thing in this camp is to adapt to the new environment. I want to get closer to my teammates to adapt. I will talk a lot about the plan prepared with the coaches and study the league to prepare for the season.” Most of all, I will enjoy camp with my new teammates so that our team can make the playoffs.”

Lee Ji-poong, Hanwha’s senior training coach, also smiled heartily as he watched Smith’s training. Coach Lee Ji-poong said, “Basically, he is a player with good hardware. Seeing his workouts, it seems that he has been steadily exercising to prevent injuries in line with the latest trends. I did. I was digesting a good exercise program that I had to learn,” he explained.

Smith, who is building trust from within the team, also opens his wallet. On the 14th, he treats all pitchers to a meal and plans to shoot with his teammates.

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