David Buchanan (34-Samsung) is a man who knows how to celebrate.

Buchanan played as a Dream All-Star in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League All-Star Game at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 15th, and lit up the field with his best performance. Although he didn’t make the top 12 behind Lotte’s Park Se-woong, he travelled to Busan as a manager’s recommendation and emerged as the star of the show with his proprietary fan service.

온라인바카라Early in the game, he made an appearance as the third base coach for the Dream All-Stars. Usually reserved for team managers, Buchanan donned a helmet and stole the show. He enthusiastically instructed the runners and livened up the atmosphere with cute grunts when the opposing beast, Hoseby, came out.

He was always there when the upbeat music came on during each offensive shift, and when fellow foreigner Austin Dean (LG) started dancing to Newzine’s “Howie Boy,” he jumped in and executed the perfect choreography to the delight of the resigned crowd.

When it was time for clean-up, Buchanan changed back into his US Army Air Force pilot outfit and walked out onto the field. Reminiscent of the popular film Top Gun, he donned a pair of stylish sunglasses and watched a video commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice with fans. He was greeted with thunderous applause as footage of veterans was shown.
His performance was not over. Later in the game, he made an unusual appearance in the outfield instead of his original position as a pitcher. In the bottom of the eighth inning, he played the right outfield wing on defence and made a perfect catch in front of the fence on a big fly ball from Oh Ji-hwan with two outs.

The icing on the cake came in the top of the ninth. With runners on second and third, Buchanan took the bat and faced LG pitcher Ko Woo-seok. The league’s best closer responded with a fastball that topped 150 kilometres per hour. The unbelievable happened. Buchanan fouled off a fastball in a six-pitch at-bat and delivered a perfect hit for an RBI single. The crowd erupted in celebration.

That was the end of Buchanan’s perfect outing in Busan. There were disappointments. He did not win the Best Performance Award, which has been given to players since 2019. He only received four votes out of 24 from the journalists. The honour went to Kim Min-seok (Lotte), who received 12 votes for her girl group dance.

Although he didn’t win, his performance was by far the best. Buchanan, who not only excelled, but adapted perfectly to the Festival of Stars, was arguably the star that shone brightest in the resignation.

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