Referee Larry Banover (67), who was hospitalized after being hit on the head by an error in throwing, was safely discharged from the hospital. 

Yahoo Sports, an American media, reported on the 15th (Korean time),먹튀검증 “The Associated Press reported that a banover second baseman who was hit in the head by an error in the game between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Guardians was discharged after two days.” 

Referee Banover served as the second baseman for the Yankees and Cleveland game on the 13th. In the 5th inning, when Cleveland was leading 3-0, Yankees hitter Kyle Higashioka hit a 86.5 mph (139.2 km/h) cutter on the 3rd pitch of Cleveland pitcher Peyton Battenfield in front of center fielder.

Center fielder Miles Straw immediately caught the ball and threw it to second baseman Andres Jimenez, who threw straight home to catch a runner on third base rushing home. However, this throw did not fly home and hit the head of the ban-over second baseman.

In the end, both runners came home, and this situation was recorded as Higashioka’s one RBI and Jimenez’s throwing error. The game ended with the Yankees winning 4-3.

Banover second baseman, who was hit in the head by a throw, collapsed unable to overcome the shock. However, he came to his senses and walked out himself and was substituted out of the game. 

“After the game, Banover’s colleague, referee Chris Guccione, revealed that Banover was partially unconscious after being hit by the ball and did not even know he had been hit,” Yahoo Sports reported. Referee Van Over left a sizable baseball mark on his head and was taken to a nearby hospital for examination.” 

Referee Banover was in his 33rd season in the majors this year. Yahoo Sports said, “Banover referees will not return to the league until the league approves. If it had not been for this injury, the banover referee would have participated in the series between the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies, which began on the 14th,” said the banover referee.

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