= A whopping 42 minutes of extra time was토토사이트 applied in Bolivia’s professional football, and the referee was banned from assignment indefinitely.

The Associated Press reported on the 16th that “42 minutes of extra time were applied in the match between Atlético Palmaflor and Blooming held in Chapare, Bolivia on the 14th (Korean time).”

The two teams belong to the first division of Bolivian professional football.

In the game, Palmaflor won 3-2, but after the game, the Bolivian Football Association issued an indefinite ban on assignment to six people in charge of game management, including the referee.

Referee Julio Gutiérrez explained the reason: “The game was delayed for a long time, with two red cards coming out due to a fight between the players and the video reading of Palmaflor’s second goal.”

Also, it rained heavily throughout the game and the game was stopped for a long time.

With the score at 2-2, Palmaflor’s winning goal came in the 38th minute of added time in the second half.

Palmaflor’s head of the club is the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

Blooming’s club said it was a “shameful decision” and said, “Through legal action, we will ensure that they will never interfere in Bolivian football matches again.”

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