In professional baseball, Lotte escaped from three consecutive losses with a brilliant pitching by ‘Na Gyun-an’, who has been in his third year of transition from catcher to pitcher.

ast balls that hit every corner of the plate, curveballs and forkballs that fell in front of batters.

Lotte’s Na Kyun-an’s pitching was overwhelming.

He struck out 8 against kt batsmen,안전놀이터 who were ranked first in team batting average, and pitched a scoreless pitch until the 7th inning.

Based on his precise control, he gave up only 4 hits and 1 walk, and blocked kt’s attack with efficient pitching, throwing only 83 balls in 7 innings without a major crisis.

In the other lineup, rookie Kim Min-seok, who made his debut for the first time, stood out.

With a 1–0 lead, he scored his first professional hit and RBI in the bottom of the seventh inning to widen the score gap.

Lotte, who showed concentration and scored five points in the 7th and 8th innings, overcame kt’s pursuit and won 5-3, breaking out of a 3-game losing streak. Reaped.

[Na Gyun-an/Lotte] “The team’s atmosphere has calmed down a bit in the beginning of the season, but it’s good that we won the weekend
game, and we’ll do our best to get better results in the future.”

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