The sluggishness of Choi Jun-yong (Lotte Giants), who competed for the ‘Rookie King’ with Eui-ri Lee (KIA Tigers) by building 20 holds in 2021, is not unusual. Due to the sluggish performance of ‘Believe Man’, there is a possibility that there will be a change in Lotte Pil Seung-jo.

Choi Jun-yong wore a Lotte uniform through the first메이저놀이터nomination in the 2020 rookie draft. He stood out with an average ERA of 4.85 with 2 losses and 8 holds in 31 games (29⅔ innings) in the first season of his debut. It has established itself as a key winning team.

His last season wasn’t very good. Choi Jun-yong played an active role with 1 loss, 9 saves and an average ERA of 1.23 in 13 games in April last year, perfectly filling the void left by Kim Won-joong, the ‘long-haired closer’, and marching high. However, the slump began in May, and he appeared in 68 games and finished the season with 3 wins, 4 losses, 6 holds, 14 saves, and an average ERA of 4.06, leaving a slightly disappointing result.

Choi Jun-yong worked hard during the Guam-Okinawa spring camp to regain his good form, but the results of his efforts are not showing in his demonstration game results. In his first appearance against the LG Twins on the 18th, Choi Jun-yong started an exhibition game with 2 hits and 1 run in 1 inning (visa book). After that, on the 20th, against the Samsung Lions, he blocked 1 inning with no runs, but the next day, 2 hits (1 home run) and 2 runs (2 earned) in 1 inning was sluggish.

And on the 25th against the Hanwha Eagles, Choi Jun-yong collapsed once again. Choi Jun-yong, who came to the mound after Han Hyun-hee in the top of the 6th inning with a 1-0 lead, gave a walk to Noh Soo-gwang from the start of the inning, and was hit by Jeong Eun-won, the follow-up batter, and was driven to the 1st and 3rd base safely. Afterwards, he exchanged 1 point with Chae Eun-sung’s outcount, but Brian O’Gredi attacked the 126km slider in the third pitch and allowed a reverse two-run four to cross the right wall.

It didn’t stop there. Choi Joon-yong was attacked by follow-up hitter Noh Si-hwan with a 150km high fastball out of the strike zone, and this batted ball also led to a home run that went over the middle wall. Choi Jun-yong, who contributed 4 points at once, could no longer keep the mound, and passed the baton to Choi Lee-jun and was replaced. Due to the 4-run game, Choi Jun-yong’s performance in this year’s demonstration game recorded an average ERA of 16.20 with 1 loss and 7 runs (6 ERA) in 4 games (3⅓ innings).

Director Larry Sutton pointed out the positives first. The most positive thing was the fast fastball of up to 152km. The command tower said, “Choi Joon-yong took control of the delivery. And through him, he showed how the speed increased yesterday. The changing ball was also sharper than before, which was a positive factor in the appearance on the 25th.”

What is the problem? Coach Sutton pointed out, “Choi Jun-yong is a pitcher who has tasted success at a young age. Conversely, batters on the opposing team have identified Choi Jun-yong’s strengths and weaknesses and have begun to respond. Now is the time for Choi Jun-yong to adjust accordingly.” . In other words, it is good to be good in the past, but it is necessary to change according to the current situation. He emphasized, “Choi Jun-yong needs to continue to study and grow on how to finish off opponents.”

The regular season begins on April 1. There is not much time left in the adjustment period that Choi Jun-yong can take. If the current sluggishness continues, there is no choice but to change in Lotte’s Pilseungjo. Even the command tower is unaware of this. Manager Sutton said, “This is why I said that there is still competition in the bullpen. I look forward to seeing what the bullpen pitchers will do in the remaining games. I will think more accordingly,” leaving open the possibility of change.

Excluding Seung-min Koo, who played the role of Lotte’s ‘waist’ last year, both Choi Jun-yong and Kim Do-gyu (5G ERA 6.75) continue to be sluggish. With the opening coming up, the commander’s struggles are bound to deepen.

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