Jang Jae-young and Kang Hyo-jong face off countless times over the honor of their alma mater since high school.
Jae-young Jang with 900 million won and Hyo-jong Kang with
200 million won. Possibility proved with a maximum speed of 155 km/h
Kang Hyo-jong, a fastball of up to 152 km/h with a slider and curve combination
Kang Hyo-jong scored no runs in 5 innings, Jae-young Jang allowed 3 runs in 4 innings

Jang Jae-young (21) and Kang Hyo-jong (21) are both motives and opponents of joining.토토사이트

Chungam High School, where Kang Hyo-jong came out, and Deoksu High School, where Jang Jae-young came out, are well-known rivals in the Seoul area. The rivalry between the two schools is famous. At last year’s Seoul Convention, a confiscated game came out after a huge protest.

Kang Hyo-jong led the heyday of Chungam High School, defeating Deoksu High School of Na Seung-yeop and Jang Jae-young, who were running a winning streak in 2020. However, Kang Hyo-jong was sluggish the following year, missing most of the first half due to a back injury.

In the 2021 rookie draft, Jaeyoung Jang was nominated for the 1st nomination in the Seoul area, and Hyojong Kang was nominated for LG with the 3rd nomination. The down payment was 900 million won and 200 million won, respectively.

But was it fate? The two players faced off again on April 4 at the Gocheok Dome.

However, Jang Jae-young started pitching vigorously. Even at the time he passed 50, his top speed was recorded at 155 km/h.

But his restraint wasn’t everything. Kang Hyo-jong was also not easy. The speed limit went up to 151 km/h in the first episode. He faced a bit of a crisis in the first or second innings, but scored points from the team and began to show his unique game management ability. In the 5th inning, he struck out Kim Hye-seong with a fastball to the body, and the sense of stability gradually increased.

The first place was for the LG Twins in the second inning. In LG, Oh Ji-hwan’s timely hit followed Austin’s left-footed double in the second inning. This is where Oh Ji-hwan’s base play shined. Oh Ji-hwan succeeded in stealing 2nd and 3rd base in a row. It was the moment when Seo Geon-chang’s ordinary left fielder’s fly turned into an RBI.

The additional point was also LG. Following Park Dong-won’s straight walk in the 4th inning, LG made the 13th base safely with Moon Bo-kyung’s timely hit that pierced the side of the second baseman.

Seo Geon-chang’s first pitch sacrifice fly to center fielder made it 3-0, running away with one point.

Kiwoom felt sorry for Lim Byeong-wook’s double stroke in the second episode. First baseman Lim Byeong-wook’s double hit came out of the 12th base chance created by Kim Woong-bin’s walk and Lee Ji-young’s hit.

Jang Jae-young’s overall command was not good. He advanced runners every time and never allowed a three-way run. Compared to the past, he showed better crisis management skills, but it was also a game that showed that he was still incomplete.

Jang Jae-young has a total of 57 fastballs, 16 curveballs, and 9 sliders up to the 4th inning. He had a four-seam best speed of 155 km/h and an average of 150 km/h.

He finished his first appearance of the season with 4 hits, 5 runs and 3 earned runs on 82 pitches.

Kang Hyo-jong scored 5 scoreless innings and passed the mound to the next pitcher. His top speed came out to 152 km/h. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who chose Kang Hyo-jong as the 5th starter, clearly proved that he was not mistaken.

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