KIA Tigers Lee Yi-ri (21) has been removed from the first team roster for the first time this season. He was finally given a break.온라인바카라

Lee has been a steady presence in the starting rotation this year. Aside from one rainout in early May, he hasn’t missed a start since. He started 15 games this season and threw 68 innings.

While Lee struggled with his pitches early in the season, he has been successful in limiting runs. In April and May, he had ERAs of 2.63 and 3.18, respectively.

In June, however, Lee hit a wall. He pitched less than five innings in each of his last three games and allowed a total of 14 runs, with his worst outing coming on June 16 against the Gwangju NC, when he allowed seven runs on six hits in 3⅔ innings.

In his most recent outing, he was also shaking his head. Lee allowed just two hits in 4⅔ innings against the Gwangju Kiwoom on July 27, but gave up six runs on six walks.

What caught my eye was the obvious decline in velocity. Lee, who has a fastball in the low 140s, averaged just 144.9 mph in 27 games.

In the fifth inning, Lee’s velocity dropped noticeably.

He mostly faced hitters with his fastball in the low 140 mph range, and his slowest fastball was only 139 mph. Given Lee’s style of overpowering opposing hitters with his fastball, this was a shocking restraint.

Sensing something was amiss, KIA eventually removed Lee from the first team roster on the 28th. Recognizing Lee’s fitness issues, they gave him a rest.

A long way to go KIA has no room in its starting lineup. Shawn Anderson has skipped one start due to a blistered finger, and Adonis Medina, who has lost credibility after repeated poor performances, is stuck in the second team.

With a tough mid-table battle on their hands, leaving Lee out of the first team is a huge decision for KIA.

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