“There were three mistakes”

Yokohama DeNA Baystars Trevor Bauer played at home against the 2023 Nippon Professional Baseball Yomiuri Giants held at HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata in Niigata Prefecture, Japan on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time) After starting the mound, he collapsed with 103 pitches, 11 hits (3 homers), 8 strikeouts and 7 runs (6 earned) in 6 innings.

Bauer,먹튀검증 who lost his place in the major leagues, signed a contract with Yokohama prior to this season and entered the Nippon Professional Baseball stage. But maybe it was because he took a break from pitching for a long time. Bauer took a break for a while due to sudden shoulder pain in the process of preparing for the season, and after gradually increasing the number of pitches through the appearance of the second team, he stepped on the first team stage on the 3rd.

His debut match was perfect. Bauer struggled against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp with 98 pitches, 7 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 9 strikeouts and 1 run (1 earned) in 7 innings against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, and the joy of winning in his first appearance in front of a full crowd. tasted However, his good momentum did not carry over to his second appearance.

For Bauer, starting on the 9th was like a nightmare. Bauer had a runless start in the first inning, but in the second inning, lead hitter Kazuma Okamoto hit a solo home run to tie the game, then allowed Makoto Kadowaki to hit in time in the second out and first base, allowing a turnaround in an instant. Despite Bauer’s first three-way strike in the third inning, the bad trend continued.

Bauer was hit with a double by lead batter Tagumi Oshima in the 4th inning, then gave up another timely hit to Makoto Kadowaki, marking the 3rd run. He allowed 3 home runs in 6 innings, including a two-run home run to a changeup driven to the middle, and collapsed with 7 runs (6 earned).

Bauer often showed scenes that seemed to express his emotions as if he didn’t like something pitching that day. In the end, it seems that the condition was not the best. According to Japan’s ‘Sponichi Annex’, manager Daisuke Miura said, “Bauer said he would throw one more inning, but he put the brakes on.” He pointed to Bauer’s pitching.

According to ‘Sponich Annex’, Bauer narrowed down three reasons for his worst pitching with 7 runs (6 earned) on the day. According to the media, Bauer said, “There were three mistakes,” and looked back on his pitching, saying, “Pitch selection, control, and the opponent’s game plan outpaced me.”

Bauer said, “It’s a result that can’t be said to be good.” Regarding the fact that all the breaking balls were attacked and hit home runs, Bauer said, “I only threw 2 or 3 fastballs. In this sense, there was a mistake in pitch selection. I know about Japan, but I think I need to know and learn more about Japanese players.”

It was Bauer’s pitch that showed that even National League Cy Young Award winners sometimes fall from trees. Bauer suffered his first loss of the season, and his earned run average soared to 4.85. It remains to be seen whether Bauer can overcome the trial and error in the match against Yomiuri that day and regain his image in the next appearance.

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