on goal. But he need not be disappointed. Because this is just the beginning.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, was defeated by the ‘European Champion’ England스포츠토토. On the afternoon of the 16th (local time), Korea lost 0-4 in the first leg of the Arnold Clark Cup against England held at MK Stadium in Milton Keynes, England. Korea only managed to shoot twice in the entire 90 minutes. I felt the difference in skills both in content and results.

However, this match was a stepping stone towards the World Cup to be held in July. Moreover, it was the World Cup four years ago that Korea faced the strongest team in Europe. At that time, the home team lost to France 0-4. Since then, I have not been able to face European teams. It was difficult to even catch a match due to the Corona 19 pandemic. It was difficult to play against the top European team for the first time in four years. In a way, losing by 4 goals could have been fortunate.

I also saw hope in complete defeat. Taegeuk nangja showed fighting spirit even in the situation where they were pushed back in physical. In some scenes, he showed his technical maturity. Although they conceded the opening goal at the end of the first half, it was okay to endure most of the first half without conceding a goal.

Above all, it was a valuable experience. Currently, women’s football is also gaining strength in Europe. England was the most difficult opponent for Korea, which had not faced a top European team for four years. While playing for 90 minutes, he adapted to European players and found a way to respond. It was a valuable experience that is difficult to obtain unless you directly collide. Above all, it is a great harvest to have done this much in a situation where most of the players are in the offseason.

“It’s offseason, but it was a good opportunity to play against a top-tier team,” manager Colin Bell said after the press conference.

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