Italian beauty tennis player Camilla Jorge (31, 70th in the world) denied the suspicion of a fake vaccination certificate.

Jorge first opened up about her allegations at a press conference after she handily won the first round of her Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th (local time).

The suspicions brought against her began with the revelations of Daniela Grillone, his personal physician.

In a recent interview with the Italian daily Corriere del Veneto, Grillone claimed that Giorgi had never received the Corona 19 vaccine and that she had asked for a fake vaccination certificate.

Grillone is currently under police investigation for issuing fake vaccination certificates to hundreds of people, including Giorgi as well as singer Francesca Calearo. 메이저놀이터

Jorge, who once rose to 26th in the world rankings, made it to the third round (Round of 32) in the Australian Open women’s singles last year.

Last year’s Australian Open received more attention than ever before as Novak Djokovic, then world number one in men’s tennis, participated in the event.

The primary concern was whether Djokovic, a vaccine skeptic, would be able to pass Australia’s quarantine pass, which is rumored to be strict.

Djokovic succeeded in stepping on Australian soil in January of last year, but was unable to participate in the Australian Open due to lack of a vaccination certificate and was eventually expelled.

When asked if her allegations were true, Jorge said she had fake vaccination certificates, which she strongly denied, saying “not at all”.

“I was vaccinated in a different place,” he said. “I want to make this clear. This is not my problem, it is the doctor’s problem.”

“The doctor mentioned my name, but there are more than 300 people on the list the doctor has released,” Jorge added.

Jorge claimed that he had only been vaccinated against Grillone once, and that he had been vaccinated by other doctors.

However, Reuters reported that Jorge did not clarify whether he used the vaccination certificate that Grillone cut off when entering Australia last year.

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